Import Outlook Express Address Book to Thunderbird in Win 7

In Windows 7, Outlook Express has gone away.  MS wants us to use a Live account, or Hotmail, or Exchange, however some folks still like the Outlook Express look and feel and simplicity.

Since OE is not included in Win7 (or 8) you may want to use an alternative like Mozilla Thunderbird, which is a good choice. The issue you will find quickly is that there is no way to easily import your OE address book into Thunderbird without having OE installed.

Here’s how you do it:

Copy your Address Book file (.wab) to the new computer.

Once there click on the Start button (Orb), and in the search line type “wab” and hit enter.

This will start the Windows Contacts.

Once this starts, you can import your .wab file into the windows contacts. – click import, browse to your OE (Wab) file, and let it go.

Now, open Thunderbird and go to the address book, click Tools, import, and choose OE file.  It will import the contacts from Windows Contacts.  This will also keep whatever groups you have.  Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Import Outlook Express Address Book to Thunderbird in Win 7

  1. Thank You!!!!!!!! I’ve been looking for a way to do this all over google search and finally ended up here. Worked like a charm!!!

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