It’s Been Awhile! Just like the Backups!

Hey all,

Finally getting back to the blog thing!  It’s been a crazy year, and just like other parts of life and work I let this go as other fires needed tending.

This is just like the Dreaded B-Word, BACKUPS.  I know what you saying, “Yeah TG, I KNOW it’s important!  I have this Friend who got hit with lightning and……”  But then you probably don’t have  good backup of your own stuff, or if you do it’s very, very old.

That was my issue recently, I did a full drive encryption on my boot drive (I’m a Tech! What could happen?), and it worked fine for awhile.  Until an update happened that broke it!  Unfortunately I did not have a full backup of my current laptop, I had a Paranoid Backup (What I call it) of SOME of my more important stuff.  I did not have a full, in place, current backup.

Now, being a Tech Guy, that does not bother me quite as much as it probably should most of the time.  Let’s just say after about 6 hours working on recovering the drive I was wishing for a full current backup.  Cobblers children, etc. etc….

So having said that, I’m going to give you some links to software that I use, have used, or should use. This will apply to Home and Business users.  These are solely for local backup, which is sometimes better than cloud when you have to get things back to normal fast. – this is a great tool that you can use to do bare metal restore with.  You can use it for 30 days before you should buy it.  It is very good and fast.  Only downside is that it does not have a scheduler. – Another great full image software that you can do bare metal restore with, and you can purchase the home version and set up a running schedule. – Use this to sync up your info from drive to external, FTP, or even Onedrive/GDrive/etc. There’s a free version!

These are by no means the only software that you can use, these are ones that I have set up for clients for local backup that have worked well for me over the years.  Happy Backup!



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