Adobe Acrobat – Create PDF plug-in disabled and doesn’t have a remove or delete button.

By guest writer Rhonda Hutchison, our Web Dev gal.


  1. How to remove the disabled Create PDF plug-in from the Mozilla add-on list when there is no option shown to remove or delete it.
  2. Find out why some webpages aren’t loading completely


#1 Caused by Adobe Acrobat X global browser addon. Several solutions – the one I used was to disable the add-on’s folder in Adobe Acrobat 10 files.  This removed the add-on from Mozilla.

#2 Caused by Adobe Acrobat X (& potentially the Adobe update manager) even with the browser plugin disabled.  The solution for #1 worked for a time, but eventually the web page loading issues came back and only disappeared after uninstalling Adobe Acrobat 10.

Symptoms & Process to Fix:

I was working on a client’s site and noticed the logo would never show up and the page never finished loading. It’s built in a proprietary CMS, so I zipped off a troubleticket to let the developers troubleshoot it.

Except that they couldn’t replicate my problem on any of their machines.

At the client’s office a little later, I couldn’t replicate the problem there, either. And, the website loaded a lot faster for them. In fact, their browsers loaded all kinds of sites faster even though my office setup is slicker than theirs. :/

When I got back, I turned off all browser plugins, uninstalled and reinstalled my AV, uninstalled and reinstalled several Adobe things – no luck. The site would not load properly in any of my browsers.

Finally, I noticed in Firefox a disabled Adobe Acrobat add-on that had no way to remove or delete it.

So, dove into the Mozilla community forum and found two threads that were very helpful here and here. I have an older version of Adobe Acrobat installed, so I opened that and checked for updates. There were none. (Found out later that Adobe is not supporting Acrobat X since October 2016.)


From the Mozilla forum threads, I learned that the add-on is not actually installed in Mozilla, but is a global registry setting that calls to a particular file stored in the Adobe Acrobat 10 files. I located the folder where the file sits, and renamed the folder. (I did not delete it in case unintended consequences are discovered later.) The file path on my computer is PragramFiles(x86) > Adobe > Acrobat 10.0 > Acrobat. It’s the Browser folder. Below is a picture of it after I renamed it from Browser to BrowserDONOTUSE17.

After renaming (thus disabling) the Browser folder, I restarted Firefox and checked my add-ons list. The Adobe Acrobat Create PDF plugin was gone! Checked the client site and it loaded great, plus ALL my browsers performed faster.

I found this process very interesting because although Chrome and Edge/IE were also affected, only Firefox showed any info about the offending add-on. Thank you, Mozilla Firefox and the open source community! Heading over there right now to make a donation

UPDATE:  So all that worked for a while… then some of the problems came back.  The entry on the Mozilla add-ons list never came back, but the page loading problems with my client’s site did.  I suspect it’s tied to how Adobe updates products.  There are many Adobe products installed on my machine from a variety of version sets.  I could not find a way to turn off processes for just Adobe Acrobat – so finally just uninstalled it.  Sigh.


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